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What You Get with World Travel Management
World Travel Management (WTM) pays Agencies or Independent Contractors at least 75% of the TOTAL commission received from suppliers for travel booked by the Agency/IC through WTM. Sub-agents get a split determined by their agency.
WTM offers two ways to increase your commission split over 75%:
The first is productivity. If you earn at least $1000 in one month, we automatically increase your commission split to 80% on all commissions you earn in that month, and in the following month. We also give you the option of letting your commissions "ride" until they reach this target level.
The second is by selling preferred suppliers. If you join our consortium's "Engagement" marketing program and follow a few simple rules, we will grant you an 80% commission split on our consortium's preferred suppliers regardless of your monthly earnings. We also have a small number of preferred suppliers for which we automatically pay 80% for all agents.
World Travel Management encourages its Agencies or Independent Contractors to charge the professional service fees they deserve. These fees are treated as commissions, and are subject to the appropriate commission split.
Commissions are claimed on monthly commission logs after the final payment has been made. Commissions are paid to the Agency/IC by World Travel Management once WTM has received the commission regardless of date of travel. We do not require travel to be completed. Once we get paid, you get paid. Commissions held in our trust account for certain California clients will be paid only after travel documents are delivered, to comply with California law.
Reservations System and On-line Booking
World Travel Management offers the very latest in e-business technology with Amadeus Selling Platform. In addition, web-based booking engines for over a hundred suppliers are available though the agent-only section of our web site. This is important as many operators give extra commissions for computer bookings.
For agents who choose not to use Amadeus or who prefer a web-based interface, we offer WTM FarePortal, an easy to use, web-based booking engine for NET fares for air, car and hotel.
As a agency we also offer the complete EZGuider system, a one-stop program for booking air (EZAir), tours (EZTour) and cruises (EZCruise/Amadeus Cruise).
Whichever booking method you prefer, the systems are coordinated to insure you receive the best available commission. However you book your travel, we offer web-based online invoice request forms. Our commission log forms are also web-based to help our agents reduce paperwork and fax charges, and to reduce transcription errors.
We use the internet whenever possible (email, web services, bulletin board, etc) but we also rely on our toll-free number, fax machine, express delivery services, and the USPS. We can either email or fax you your confirmations as soon as they are received.
World Travel Management is committed to helping Agencies and Independent Contractors to build their businesses. Booking assistance is available through our headquarters. WTM offers periodic online seminars featuring preferred supplier vendors and general training.
All agents are encouraged to continue their professional development through fam trips, destination specialist, and certification programs. AgentNet, TA University, and The Travel Institute are among those we recommend who offer such programs in addition to the many vendors who offer webinars.
Through email and the agent-only section of the website, agents are kept informed of supplier updates, upcoming events and seminars, fam trips, and industry news. There are also interactive forums for discussion and support. On our web site we offer booking forms, reference materials, and useful templates. In addition, help is available with destination research, supplier information (or problems), and brochure requests.
An active bulletin board is provided for agents to exchange information, explore problem areas, post requests, and share business and computer tips. For example, an agent might ask for help finding a particular hotel or for opinions on a particular cruiseline or ship. He/she could coordinate bookings with other agents to achieve group minimums for extra perks and commissions, or find passengers to fill an existing group. This is your group and communication system - use it for whatever you like as long as the content is relevant to the travel business.
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