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Why you and World Travel Management are
a win-win match

More Money
As part of WTM gets generous overrides that are passed on to you. We have access to the lowest rates available on the major cruse lines. More money where it counts -- in your pocket.
Lower Costs
We offer a simple, predictable low fee structure, unlike other host agencies with multiple per-invoice fees, document delivery fees, penalties for commission log errors, etc. Our fee structure works well for all productive agents. Like you, we are in this business to make money, and we make our money from bookings, not from fees. This ensures that we always have your best interests in mind.
State Licensing
There is no need to be independently bonded and licensed. Booking with WTM frees you from that costly and time-consuming process, at least for those states that permit an out-of-state agency to register on behalf of a local agent. We are registered in all applicable states. Of course, you must also be certain to comply with your local and state regulations.
Booking Assistance and Support
With the Amadeus Selling Platform you can book cruises, cars and hotels and have full access to airline fare information 24/7. We have two methods for booking air - both web-based: EZAir and WTM FarePortal (based on FareBuzz) for air, car and hotel.
You will also have access to over 100 online booking engines for tours, cruise lines, ground transportation, accomodation, entertainment, travel insurance, foreign currency, event tickets, etc.
An online invoice request form means your booking information is quickly transferred to the office for commission tracking. Invoices, fax confirmations, tickets and documents are delivered promptly.
Problems with a supplier? Need information on quality tour operators for an unfamiliar destination? There is always a real person available to help. membership
This means influence with suppliers. This means getting the best deals for your clients. This means access to local DSM's. This means new and better co-operative marketing programs.
Information You Need - Delivered Instantly
Through emails and faxes you get all the timely information you need, including supplier specials and and fam trip notices. As a member of the World Travel Management team you have access to important updates via our member-only website. You also have your own login to AgentNet, our consortium's extensive education & marketing resource.
IATAN Card Available
We will approve the transfer of your current card immediately. Otherwise, as soon as it is clear you are on course to meet the IATAN qualifications we will offer you a six-month interim card at your expense. You may accept that or hold off until the IATAN minimums are met at which time we will offer you an annual card (and pay for it). If your WTM commissions continue to meet the IATAN requirements we will pay for your annual card renewals.
Industry Affiliations
World Travel Management is a member of all the necessary and important industry associations: ARC, IATAN, CLIA, ASTA, IATA, and NACTA. We are affiliated with a consortium of over 8,000 travel agencies.
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